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Are you already connected to your dreaming and sleeping world? Do you really want a good night's sleep? No more waking up in the middle of the night, or staring at the dots on the ceiling for way too long! Finally get your dream or sleep anxiety under control! Then this is very interesting to read. 

This is dreaming and sleeping knowledge that should not be missed! Make sure the website gets a place in favorites, because new information is published regularly! Knowledge gained through years of experience. You won't find what you read here anywhere else.



Dream problem top 5

  • Nightmares and trauma / past life and processing
  • Not experiencing brake sleep and / or not being able to remember your dream
  • Forced dreaming -  Incompetent or unhealthy (lucid) dreaming
  • Influence of social media / TV / telephone
  • Dream / visions fear / memories of yesterday (evening)

Awareness moment "Dreams are a processing of your daily life". nothing more nothing less! You really dream several times a night "for many people it is a matter of not remembering".



Sleep problem top 5

  • Waking up tired
  • Don't sleep throught and Forced sleep
  • Stress - Burnout, Anxiety and / or Trauma
  • Influence of Artificial light / Computer / TV / Telephone
  • Incorrect Sleeping (Right Side) + Incorrect Bedding /  Bedroom Challenge



The website goes beyond, where the basic dreamer and sleeper stops.   


  • Here you will find everything to do with dreams and sleeping problems.
  • You can also think of dream and sleep meditations so that you can finally sleep really well.
  • Help with dream visualizations and personal growth from your soul source, your base and / or your heart.



Personal life lessons become insightful. No more doubts, no more fears. Overcoming your sleep obstacles, daydream obstacles and insomnia, nightmares and trauma.

Learning to enjoy the "Now" as a person, to be still and to find balance in life. Instant help for all your sleep fears, sleep problems and dreams, visions, daydreaming experiences! Want to find the untapped power. Take your chance now and learn to dream consciously and sleep well!



It is the in-depth combination between a spiritual approach and years of practical experience in the field of conscious dream experience and a sleep coach with expert knowledge.

  • Dreamology
  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Moonology
  • Chakraology
  • Dream guides/familiars
  • Energyology
  • Elements Earth, Fire, Water and Air
  • Dream medicine
  • Dream Alchemy

Did you know?, ..... Awareness of your dreams can do a lot for you !.


  • You experience more than just change, you experience soul transformation
  • New life energy.
  • Direct soul growth from your source
  • Overcoming sleeplessness
  • Positive change in sleep anxiety, nightmares and trauma '
  • You connect with your base, your heart and your intuition
  • Big dream leaps forward
  • It brings you closer to yourself
  • Tools to better deal with sleep paralysis and sleep and sleep problems
  • Mindfulness, conscious and balanced living
  • Life insights and soul insights
  • Finally you learn how to sleep all night without any problems
  • Past lives, trauma and karmas become apparent
  • Awareness from your dream core
  • Fresh start, live your life from your dream source.



You experience direct intuitive growth and it keeps flowing! Because you get closer to yourself little by little. You open a soul door, as it were, that can only be discovered in your dreams and sleeping world. 

Discover who you really are, know your innermost layers, embrace all your character traits (including the traits that you find less attractive about yourself. Sleeping all night long, falling asleep well, no more bedroom fear, trauma and nightmares what did you think? of that!.


How about that? Do you accept the challenge! The first step is the most difficult and also the most important embrace that a learning process opens that will bring you a completely new self. Change comes through working on yourself and the transformation will follow automatically. Success is assured, provided you really give yourself the great opportunity and want to work on it. 

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