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Dream Energie

Something new appears behind the horizon. You can not see it right now, you can not touch it yet.
But your dreams, wishes, ideas are in the development phase, take the time to view and think of everything quietly.
Planting the seeds comes later, you must first know what you want. So that the sun will rise behind the horizon and give you the right signals you need to make the seeds bloom.
Everything needs time, has patience, lets you surprise and open your arms for different kinds of possibilities and opportunities. Does not exclude anything, everything is possible right now; if you have patience.
The new is coming, the sun is really going to rise, but how and when do you see yourself once.

Wake up early in the morning
Disturbed sleep rhythm not only tells you that you receive signals from the universe, spirit and that there may be points of interest in your life. No, it is also an awareness of the possibility that you are growing spiritually.
But there is more to say that you may wake up in the middle of the night. Spiritual awakening, the first signs of awareness, the first steps towards personal growth "always comes in the middle of the night" ....
Read more Wake up early in the morning

Dreams and Visions from A t/m Z

I can not tell you with a lot of dreams and visions words on the website, but there are more than 2200 - I know that there are very many, and it regularly grows with new words and explanations.
The first word is Alms and the last word is Switzerland. In addition, there are of course also special unique additions described on the website !.


I am hypersensitive to outside influences - hypersensitive to stimuli etc, .... I have been aware of this for years - besides, I am spiritual and this combination is a very common one! ...
Hypersensitivity, High Sensitivity, HSP, new age and a deep spiritual connection go hand in hand. The more sensitive you are, the greater the chance that you will regularly experience hazards. The deeper you are connected to your soul, your deep self, the more aware you can place it and the more often you see the signals.
I am not the only one; in fact I am one of many.
Are you too hypersensitive, HSP a New-age child? .. Read more

Kids dreaming

 Children dream much more intensively than adults; This is because first of all the daily life of a child is much more impressive than for an adult.
The dream and vision statement is also different - it has much more impact; and much more cargo.
The dreams and visions are much more focused on the personal situation and the growth and development of the child.
I have written a blog about the dreams and visions of a child and the difference with adults, read more! ..

For years I dream lucid, I almost do not sleep; at most an hour or two and I am just like everyone else energetic and just awake in time to start a new day.
Every night I find myself in the spiritual dimensions where I belong, where I feel comfortable and who are not connected to time and space.
In addition, I am also involved during the day through daydreams or visions in these dimensions. As it were, I live for two but it does not feel like it is a state of being to me.
I have put together 7 steps to successful lucid dreams so that you can apply this great experience in your own life.

Nice dream Support

Dreams daydreaming and sleeping can be supported and supplemented in various ways, ... like using a dream catcher read more! ...
You can also opt for a dream and visions diary. You can read this on the special diary page!
Especially for the dreamer, visionary, day dreamer or spiritual grower, there are DROOMALTAAR that you can apply to increase your connection with the dream and vision world.

Past life and soul experiences

Your subconscious has a lot to tell you; your soul lessons, soul experiences that you may experience right now - but also the lessons, obstacles, karma from past lives.
Through your dreams, daydreams, meditations the soul consciousnesses come in.
You talk to your deepest self, as it were, this I tell you what you may know about your past, your knowledge, your wisdom - but it also touches upon the pain spots.

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New Dreamword Barstool

Sitting on a bar stool tells you that you want to look up at this moment. That you want to look at the situation at the moment, want to look at things differently and evaluate them. 
Another explanation is that the bar stool stands for the way in which you live, or this is in balance you can only answer yourself.
Yet another explanation is that you are relaxing at the moment, looking for peace and want to assess everything first before you continue on your beaten path. Read more about the bar stool

Twinsoul, twinflame , soulmate

You probably know the words!, ... twin souls, soulmates, soul group. If not, you have probably had a moment in your life in which you met someone who, without words or deep knowledge, immediately entered into a soul connection with you, this does not only have to be in the area of love; but can also be business or friendly.
A twin soul or soulmate is someone you know you've met before. A twin soul or soulmate is someone you know you've met before; but of which you do not know at the first moment.

New knowledge

Dreams and visions in which you use Oracle cards tell you something about finding insight and answers.
You are looking for more insight "that which is not to be found superficially". The question is what may be revealed to you? ... That which is not visible but is present in your heart
Another explanation is that you have to look outside yourself, ask for help, need more information to make a decision etc. Another explanation is that it can indicate uncertainty, doubts, opposition and discomfort.
The oracle card represents your heart, your feeling, your base and your roots. Read more!...….

Droom Meditatie

Meditation has always been a challenge for me; at some point I am very consciously involved, other moments less.
If you want to consciously dream or receive visions, grow spiritually and develop as a person, then meditation is a must. You can learn meditation; it clicks weird "yes you can learn to meditate", you can enjoy meditating.
It is a relaxation method that is not immediately available to everyone.

I myself am a thinker and I can sit still for only five minutes because I am already busy with the next step in my head. A real BUSY AT, now it is not that I have no rest; or not taking my rest - yes I can really enjoy doing nothing - but not too long. Read More ...... Dream Meditation

Want free and additional insight about your dream or vision place a message on the free and low-threshold forum and you get support.
You can also help and support each other on this free forum in all areas of spirituality and growth and development, intuition. Previous lives, incarnation, twin souls, flames etc. Of course you can also help each other on the forum with your dreams and visions.