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Marjan is an experienced dreamer !. 

Marjan describes on this website, shares, teaches you everything that has to do with dreams, visions, meditations. She helps you with dream visualisations and personal growth from your soul source, your base and / or your heart. Marjan also takes you through her personal life lessons, doubts, fears and daily obstacles.  


Marjan comes up with everything herself, practices, studies everything herself, she also follows education and training. 

Marjan now has not only years of experience as an author, but also has a lot of dream knowledge. She gives away a lot for free. Through the experience she gives you a unique view into the world of dreams.  


If you like Dreams and Visions, kick your shoes and stay a while.

Marjan's unique free dream translation and blogs bring you more than just change.  


Direct soul growth from your source, your base, your heart and your intuition;

Big, high dream leaped forward;

It brings you closer to yourself;

Mindfulness, conscious and balanced life;

Life insights and soul insights;

Past lives, traumas and karmas become clear;

Awareness from your dream core;

New start, live your life from your dream source.  

Fast and personal contact!

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