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Date 11 June to 18 June 2018

Dream Energie

Crystal clear ideas, putting the right puzzle pieces in place and receiving insights. It is not the answers or the seeds that you pick this week; it is the ideas, insights, crystal clear and pure intentions that will bring you a great deal. You become aware this week of your high-sensitivity, new-time energy, clairvoyant, clear-minded, clear-minded and spiritual development.
The energy feels pleasant and safe and you learn full confidence in your own feeling, your spiritual connection, your intuition, your strength and your gift. You learn that there is nothing so pure and pure than your own dreams, wishes, ideas and that you can easily convert them into action, to successful steps.
You can only say one thing with certainty, you see it, you know it, you feel it and then it does not matter what another person experiences or finds .... You just have the crystal clear idea, the crystal clear feeling, crystal clear insight and that is exactly the right way.

New knowlegde 


Candles come in different sizes and shapes; colors and quantities. Candles have a special spiritual meaning in your dream or vision. They have something magical, wonderful and reflect (the way you live in life)
   As it were, you are the candle; the candle indicates how you feel yourself, how you stand in life or situation and / or what you would like 

Dreams and Visions from A t/m Z

How many dreams and visions there are on the website I can not tell you with certainty - I know that there are very many.
The first word is Alms and the last word is Switzerland. In addition, there are of course also special unique additions described on the website !.




I am hypersensitive to outside influences - hypersensitive to stimuli etc, .... I have been aware of this for years - besides that I am spiritual and this combination is a very common one ...

I am not the only one; in fact I am one of many.
Are you too hypersensitive, HSP a New-age child? ..


Kids dreaming

 Children dream much more intensively than adults; This is because first of all the daily life of a child is much more impressive than for an adult.
The dream and vision statement is also different - it has much more impact; and much more cargo.
The dreams and visions are much more focused on the personal situation and the growth and development of the child.
I have written a blog about the dreams and visions of a child and the difference with adults, read more! ..

For years I dream lucid, I almost do not sleep; at most an hour or two and I am just like everyone else energetic and just awake in time to start a new day. Every night I find myself in the spiritual dimensions where I belong, where I feel comfortable and who are not connected to time and space.
In addition, I am also involved during the day through daydreams or visions in these dimensions. As it were, I live for two, but it does not feel like it is a state of being to me.
I have put together 7 steps to successful lucid dreams so that you can apply this great experience in your own life.

Nice dream Support

Dreams daydreaming and sleeping can be supported and supplemented in various ways, ... like using a dream catcher read more! ...
You can also opt for a dream and visions diary that you can read on the special diary page!

Past life and soul experiences

Your subconscious has a lot to tell you; your soul lessons, soul experiences that you may experience right now - but also the lessons, obstacles, karma from past lives.
Through your dreams, daydreams, meditations the soul consciousnesses come in. You talk to your deepest self, as it were, this I tell you what you may know about your past, your knowledge, your wisdom - but it also touches on the pain spots. 

Spiritual dreams and visions

Being spiritual and dreams and visions is close together. It is often seen by many people as one; if you are spiritual, you should also be aware of dreams and visions!
But is that true ?. To declare dreams is an originally psychology. So in the first place it has nothing to do with being spiritual, etc. It often comes up for "Yes", it is a part that brings added value.

Twinsoul, twinflame , soulmate

You probably know the words!, ... twin souls, soulmates, soul group. If not, then you have probably had a moment in your life where you have met someone who, without words or deep knowledge, immediately started a soul connection with you.

A twin soul or soulmate is someone you know you've met before.



Sometimes you see it sometimes, you know, sometimes you feel it and sometimes you are aware of your questioned prayer, ask for help.
In your Dreams, Visions, Daydreams, Meditations, Visualizations the signals from your soul appear, the universe and the dimensions with which we are deeply connected.
Allow yourself to receive, let it develop and keep it out of control - let it go, let it go, relax and then you will see it appear everywhere. Feathers, signals are everywhere please be convinced !.


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