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Dreams & Visions is the experienced specialist  

It is not without reason that Dreams & Visions calls itself an experienced, qualified dream specialist.
On this website Marjan describes, shares, teaches you everything that has to do with dreams, visions, meditations, visualizations and personal growth from your soul's source.

Marjan comes up with everything herself, practices, studies everything herself, and she also follows education and training.


She likes to share this experience with you via the website, blog, as a writer, via social media. Marjan has been a founder of Dreams & Visions since December 2012 and has already inspired and helped many people. Marjan shares her knowledge every day that is combined with psychology, mindfulness and being spiritual.



If you like dreams and visions, kick of your shoes and stay a while      

Experience of Marjan

In addition to extensive experience as a Dream Trainer, Marjan is also author of the book Dreams and Visions. Since 2012 I am also a blogger and writer on various topics related to related psychology, mindfulness and spiritual approach.

In addition to many interviews on the radio; I also wrote a number of columns for well-known dream magazines.
I am a much sought after blogger and I share my knowledge in dream groups. As a dream expert I have been able to help many people in recent years who now have their own successful practice and / or can independently explain their dreams and visions.  


Read Marjan's blog! Find out what Marjan shares and gives away for free. 

Marjan?  Why is good dreaming so important!

Good dreaming is very important not only because you can handle your daily life while sleeping and you can give it a place. But also because you can grow and develop yourself enormously as a person. You get to know yourself through good dreams, visions, meditation, visualization, manifestation and so on. You learn to find your true feelings, your deepest desires, your fears and traumas become visible and so on. 

Mindfulness, awareness of the fact that; understanding and processing karma or negative experiences, family obstacles and so on. There are many reasons why learning to dream, visions, meditating, visualizing, manifesting is so important.

You are the dream key to change and transformation from the deepest source.