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Are you already connected to your intuition? .. and you just want to grow even more! Then this website is really something you shouldn't miss!


Marjan describes on this website, shares, teaches you everything that has to do with dreams, visions, meditations. She helps you with dream visualisations and personal growth from your soul source, your base and / or your heart. Marjan continues where the basic dreamer stops.

She also takes you along in her personal life lessons, doubts, fears and daily obstacles. Learning to enjoy the "Now" as a person, to be still and to find balance in life. 

Do you want to learn who you really are, know your innermost layers, embrace your dark qualities. Do you want to find the untapped power; take your chance now and learn to dream consciously! 

Marjan thinks up everything herself, practices, studies everything herself, she also follows education and training.

In the meantime, Marjan not only has 8 years of experience as an author, but also has a lot of dream knowledge as a trainer and coach. Through the experience she gives you a unique view into the world of dreaming, sleeping, meditation, growth and development from your base and your source. You can also think of visualizing and manifesting. 


I share messages, live streams, information, workouts for the beginner as well as for the advanced and conscious dreamers and sleepers. 

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The newsletter brings inspiration about everything to do with sleeping, dreaming, meditation, mindfulness. Marjan sends you the newsletter two or three times week so you really don't have to miss anything!           


✔️Embrace your dream world and discover your inner light

✔️Great leaps forward by embracing dreams

✔️The pure power that awakens and uses within yourself

✔️You learn to open doors that were locked until now

✔️Find the deepest connection to your base, your heart and your intuition  

Do you know what awareness of your dreams can do for you !! You experience direct intuitive growth and it keeps flowing! ...... Because you get closer to yourself little by little.



You experience more than just change, you experience soul transformation! ... 

Direct soul growth from your source;

You connect with your base, your heart and your intuition;

Big, high dream leaps forward;

It brings you closer to yourself;

Mindfulness, conscious and balanced living;

Life insights and soul insights;

Past lives, trauma and karmas become apparent;

Awareness from your dream core;

Fresh start, live your life from your dream source. 

Marjan has written a translation ( Dutch) especially for your dream that you really shouldn't miss!  

Find peace, balance and growth while discovering yourself slowly. sleeping and dreaming is the best meditation there is for a reason. It is your purest self, your deepest layer that can and can finally shine. Did you know there is also dream meditation, dream yoga, and dream affirmation, dream manifestation! Marjan has developed this especially for you, she really wants to teach you so that you can experience this unique energy and lifestyle yourself.  

When you are more deeply connected with yourself, you also live differently and everything flows to you easily! 

Listen to your gut when it comes to explaining. It must synchronize with your own energy and your situation. Every person is different, that money also for your dream experience, that which is logical for one person, is not a match for another. That is the reason that Marjan has chosen to give more options!  

Each dream translations is therefore applicable to everyone "It is not black or white, it is gray!".

Choose the dream statement that makes your heart sing, that what strikes you, that appeals to you! Therefore ignore the other explanations. If you still have doubts, choose the first translations because this is the most general translation; and therefore synchronizes with many people.  

"Listen to your heart and your dream translations will be written purely, truly, deeply and truly on your body".



Dreams reflect what you are going through. It is what you experience every day. It is a processing that can be given a place in your life. Dreams are not a literal statement, it is not literal, it is symbolic nothing more nothing less. 

Sometimes a dream is just a dream!

Want to know more? ......

That is not a problem I would really like to take you into my personal life and everything I encounter, what I learn, what I enjoy; what I do. 

It will probably not surprise you when I say that dreams, meditation, mindfulness are a common thread through my life. The deepest connection with my subconscious is the most important to me. I really dream every night, and I can remember every dream in color, emotions and feelings in detail.   

Of course I dream lucidly and I also know exactly what I am allowed to learn, use and / or what is important for myself to know and what not. I am very connected to my intuition and my soul and enjoy every day, every moment. I am someone who enjoys silence and listening, connecting with myself. Do you want to live like I can? .. I can give you the tools.  


I can help you if you are just starting with conscious dreaming, of course I can also help you if you already have more experience with conscious dreaming, because I have gone through the entire process myself; so that my own experience runs like a thread through my life where I would very much like to take you with me.

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