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Scary Dreams

Published on June 12, 2019 at 8:08 PM

Children dream much more intensively than adults, this is not only because they have to process a lot of impressions but also because they also feel and experience energies, images during the day that they want to give a place when they are asleep.

As an adult you have already seen once; for a child everything is new. The Brain also grows very fast and hard so that it is prepared for adulthood. Yet another reason is that dreams and visions are much more intense for children because of the beginning of life.

The start of life; and then you can think of the memory of past lives, soul pain. Birth pain, new time energy. Making friends and adapting to human life is a challenge, especially for young children.



Scary dream information

Nightmares often start around the age of two years
The peak in the number of nightmares is between three and six years old
A quarter of children have a nightmare or scary dream at least once a week.
The nightmares often also take place between 4 and 6 a.m.
Nightmares also play a role in waking up as a result of which a child is not feeling well.
Scary dreams, nightmares are part of it; it is not strange, strange or only for sensitive children. A lot of children are bothered by it and it goes away automatically.


You can help children well with their nightmares. Both in preparing for the night, in the night itself, but also during the day when processing the images. It is precisely by making contact during the day with the (energies / experiences) of the images from the night that there is a connection between that of which the child is aware and that of which the child is not aware, also called the unconscious and conscious.
In this way a feeling of direction arises during the day when the child continues to sleep peacefully when he sleeps. Trust also arises and releases fear and gives way to curiosity and nice dreams.



 Scary dream tips for dads, mums, guardians and educators.
Talk about it, "Make it negotiable," take it seriously, but don't make it bigger than it is !. It is not something to be afraid of, it is not strange, it is not strange and so on. So don't make it a Big Deal!
Give your child a kind of protector / talisman / helper and so on with which it can make contact before going to sleep and therefore also unknowingly present as a protector in sleep.
 "After waking up your child, beat the scary dream together".
Tell your child that everyone dreams, including yourself; and how you experience this, do it and so on.
Find the meaning of the child's dreams together.
Clean up the negative energy in the house / bedroom !. By depositing precious stones, minerals and / or burning sage (Ask a specialist to help you with this).
If the dream gets worse and / or it is very intensive, take steps towards a specialist and / or children's coach. 


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