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Because of the menopauze I dream differnt "Agnes"

Published on September 4, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Marjan can I ask you something?


I am recently in the menopauze and now I dream so strange can this ?.
Does this have to do with
each other or do I just imagine ?.
I dream much more often and
more intensely and I also dream much more about blood and then wake up in a
I also fall asleep much less
easily and when I sleep I wake up a lot.

Thanks in addition Agnes


Dear Agnes,

When you sleep, your head processes what happened during the day so that you can give it a place in your brain and in your life. The moment you are in menopauze, your hormone balance is changing and that has a deep impact on your sleep and dream experience.  

So it may be that you dream much more intensively than you have ever experienced. You are, as it were, changing, so the way you place it in your brain changes as well. In addition, all menopauze exprienceses also influence your dreams.

Because you are in transition, your brain is very creative as it were and you also dream very strange, you can often think of weird colors (as if you live in a fantasy) smells, sound and so on. This has to do with the brain and your body that is changing and therefore reacts even more intensively. You are much more sensitive and more deeply connected to your soul purpose and / or possibly to be spiritual, faith, yourself and what you want in life.In fact, when your hormone balance is changing, you dream more about your period, your blood and your entire inner being, because you not only have to deal with it physically, but also spiritually when you dream. You can also think of things you have never realized, unfinished dreams, wishes etc.

You can also think of babies, animals and lucid dreaming experiences, opening contact through your dreams with deceased loved ones and so on. Usually the intensity of the amount of dreams also disappears after you have had the entire cycle of menopauze.  

So it becomes normal again over time, but give yourself and your body time. You can possibly keep a dream diary to see if there is a common thread in it, taking things out are important so that you can get started with it in your waking life.


Both men and women suffer from menopause dreams and visions, it is experienced differently by both but it is certainly present in both situations 

A loving dream greeting
Marjan Klop founder and blogger
Dreams and visions

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