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Sleeping makes the difference

Published on 6 January 2021 at 07:00

What would your life look like if you were to sleep well? .. Imagine sleeping through the night, falling asleep and waking up rested. Good sleep really makes a world of difference - it brings you more than just a good night's sleep. It's very, very important and for most people it's challenge number 1. Sleeping with the dark days Learn to anchor yourself Winter Sleep (Hibernation) Sleeplessness up to 70% Sleep sensitivity The Best Sleeping Tip


There are two statements that I would like to share with you. Sleep is the medicine for anxiety. Sleeping is the best meditation there is!




What did you think about !.

Less trouble with a burnout or stress

No or less headaches, migraines

Healthier and better in your own skin

You experience healing, clearing and healing

Excessive thinking diminishes and you experience a more relaxed thought

Better breathing, circulation of your bloodstream

Your body regains its natural balance

Stable body weight, less overweight or underweight

Equipped with energy for the whole day

Spiritual growth or personal growth

Irritable bowel syndrome and other physical complaints are on the back burner

Fatigue reduced by 70%

Improved concentration

Less nightmares, trauma and past life, sleep paralysis and other sleeping problems such as restless legs, teeth grinding and so on

Less feelings of depression and bad days

Improved or balanced hormone level





My question to you is, who wouldn't want this! ... Yes, right?


Take time to sleep better - that means you can take time to work on yourself. The first but so simple step is a sleeping diary.

Accepting sleep problems and talking about them is a good next step! If necessary, check whether it also occurs in your family, your ancestors. Sleep paralysis Sleeping with a full moon Dream anxiety really exists! 5 benefits of a good night's sleep 

Get a good mattress and pillow

Plenty of fresh air

Watch your breathing, breathe from your stomach! This ensures that you relax, unwind and stay well connected with your body.



  Do you want support in the field of sleep? .... contact me or view Good Sleep

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