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Published on 11 April 2020 at 17:20

In the summer and spring when it is light longer, children often have more trouble falling asleep than in the winter, spring or autumn. This is partly due to the longer light, but also the amount of action, parties, fun playing moments outside and friends and girlfriends, brothers and sisters who are allowed to stay up for a while.


As a parent, guardian, educator, this is quite a challenge. But did you know that looking at the stars, the setting sun and the rising moon together is very exciting, fun to do. The energy of this natural phenomenon ensures that your child gets sleep, relaxes and physically prepares to go to sleep in a peaceful way. In addition, the setting sun, rising moon and stars teach your child to earth, to let go of the old and to find the connection with the child and also with his / her parents.


The bigger / older your child is, the more you can see and experience together. Don't make an obligation - just let the child run wild.

Stargazers exercise


For example, start with the sunset and as they get older you can adjust or extend the time and so on.



Step 1 Collect together

Make a stargazer altar together with your child, collect together, stars, lights, moons, planets and so on. (let your child use his / her imagination in this). You can also think of incense / tea lights or scented candles that touch the stars, sky, planets and so on in a playful way - yellow / gold dark blue, black and so on. Consider, for example, cushions, cloth so that you can sit comfortably and that it is warm and stargazing cozy!



Step 2 Connect together

Make it a cozy stargazing moment together. Let your child's imagination run wild, let it flow; open the curtains! Turn off the big lights. Light the small homemade lights, tea lights and so on. Sit on the pillow together barefoot - flip flops, pajamas, bathrobe and so on! And read a stargazing story together and / or let your child do his own stargazing story. You can of course also think of connecting fantasy by telling a story about stars, planets and so on. You will be amazed how the fantasy of child and parent / guardian / educator can become a unifying story.

Take the stargazing energy to the next step!




Step 3 Stargazer on bare feet

Now look outside together, out the window, up, at the stars and on your bare feet. Now let everything arise - name the stars; point them out, feel the connecting energy flows from the setting sun, rising moon, stars in the sky.


The stargazing spot reflects the heart, safety, home and the connection between parent / educator / guardian and child. Looking at the stars together is a moment where you can both open and share your soul. (The stargazing moment does not have to be long, a few minutes is enough to experience the deep connection and so on let your child indicate when he wants to stop and / or go to bed)



Step 5 Sit on the bed and Have a chat together

Time to go to bed; Briefly talk about what your child experienced while stargazing,

You can of course also share your own experience with your child if you wish, but you don't have to. Writing it down in the Dream Bullet Journal is the next step you do together. Your child may fall asleep faster after stargazing, is probably tired because the energy of the setting sun, rising moon and / or stars have a direct impact. But have patience and let it flow slowly every child is different.



Step 6 Good night and sleep well.

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