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Dream protection

Published on 4 February 2020 at 07:00

How do I as a parent, educator, counselor deal with sleep disturbance in my child? ... .. Don't make a big deal of it, start today with the dream tent protection method and you will notice an immediate difference. Perhaps as a parent, educator, counselor you have some concerns about the subject of sleep anxiety, hypersensitivity.

HSP experiences, sleep disturbance, nightmares and too intensive dreams that your child and / or you cannot place together. It can even ensure that your child can suffer from fears, emotions, hypersensitivity and so on, even when it is awake.


Then your child benefits from the Dream Tents protection method so that there is no outside influence. If it is really bad, always contact a specialist! The dream tents method was developed purely by myself based on my personal experiences with childhood dreams.


To know more about fears and nightmares and so on read my other blog posts for kids on this topic.

The more sensitive your child is; you can think of HSP, ADHD, New Time Child and so on. The more your child can experience external influences while sleeping. Disturbances that touch the energy of your child. Your child can therefore also develop a blockage on the chakras, the guides and the helper and so on.

How do you deal with it?...



Don't talk about it make it a big deal! Search together for the meaning of the child's dreams.

Try to comfort your child in their own bed and especially without turning on the lights! Give your child confidence that it is safe in its own bed and that it can sleep again; don't get your child out of bed!

In addition to how do I deal with nightmares and anxious dreams, you can also think about protective exercises.

Talk about it, read books on this topic, tell your child that you are sensitive too and / or what your nightmares are and were when you were young.

Do yoga together, children meditation, use gemstones, minerals as protector.


I have developed an exercise that also really helps to block unhealthy energy and bring peace to your child's dream world. 

Dream Protection Exercise



Step 1

The Dream Tent method is a good start for your child to start with - create a place where you can relax together completely protected. Just before going to bed is an excellent time to build a tent. Let your imagination run wild. The place reflects the heart, safety, home and dream protection where you can open and share your soul. Bring a stuffed animal or something the child finds important.

Computer, telephone, radio, TV, radio off; no distractions and especially no energy to flow from outside. Create an atmosphere together where you can both completely relax just before going to sleep - combine it with reading a book and so on.




Step 2

Close the door of the tent, you can think of symbolically or with a piece of fabric or cloth that your child has chosen. In this way you protect, as it were, everything for a child, this means safety and trust. In a playful way, a child learns the protective dream tent method in which you can be yourself. The place where no one else can enter except the one your child allows and so on.

Sit upright together with your feet on the floor (bare feet), back straight; this way you stay (in) active, aware and yet relaxed.




Step 3
Let what your child wants, let your child's imagination run wild and take time for it! Keep the protective energy going inside the tent together with your child. You can also think of crystals and gems that you put on the inside of the tent - let your child use his / her imagination in this. Practice this together every evening so that after a number of times you also have strong results while sleeping ... After 1 time you will notice the first difference.



Step 4
Open the symbolic, blanket door and sleep well.


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