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Scary animals dream

Published on 20 August 2020 at 07:00

Help my child dreams about a scary animals! Is a frequently asked question I regularly receive from concerned parents and educators. To answer this question you may try to deepen yourself in the pure, loving heart-oriented child. The child sees the world differently, more purely from the source, base, the soul. The layers, life experiences that we have as a Dream Adult are still developing in a child.


In other words, a child looks at it for the first time, experiences everything for the first time. A child projects what it does know onto what it does not know. Animals are connected with the same soul vibration as humans and especially enlightened humans, children and babies.


Children project the character traits, experiences of their daily lessons onto animals.


They do this because animals are much closer to them than the human ego-oriented properties that they do not (yet) know. With animals, they quickly know how and what, what properties they possess and / or what they trust, and so on. Animals and children are deeply connected, through the dream world they are in connection with their animal BFFs. Each animal reflects a special quality that your child needs, likes, finds attractive and / or reflects daily life.

Animals are connected with the purity, childlike and playful way that children carry in their hearts. Animals reflect safety, dream friend, like-minded and memories of a possible past life and / or totem animal.


Why do children dream about animals?


Children project the characteristics of people on the animals. For example, you have become angry with your child and you have spoken to him / her about this. Chances are then that your child will experience it as a shark attack in his / her dream.

It is the pure soul connection that the child has with animals. It is the soul experience of past lives or the touch they acknowledge from animals. Only as a child grows and develops does the child project ego properties on the actual person and / or situation.

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