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Dream Yoga for children

Published on 18 October 2019 at 07:00

We live in a world of high expectations, pressure that affects not only you as an adult, but also your children. Taking time to relax together, clearing your mind is not only important to put everything away from you. But also because of the unique connection that arises during dream Yoga. Together you defeat the scary creatures that appear in your child's sleeping world.


The art of dream Yoga (sleep meditation) is to make good use of your "Sleep Time". You can learn mindfulness, grow, develop, connect with your child and get to know yourself without crossing your boundaries. Do you want to know more about dream yoga read my dream yoga blog post.


Dream Yoga is not only fun to do together, but also super supportive for a good night's sleep. Just before your imagination dream Yoga is not deep, complicated yoga poses that you can hardly master as an adult. It's easy and simple and anyone can take it from me.


Let it flow, connect with each other and discover what you can do together.


It is a challenge, the inner child and your imagination comes out. The difference per age of your child how you can give substance to this. Listen to the connection that arises and let your child think along, feel, determine the route and the only thing you can do is adjust and then you both follow your own dream yoga path.  

This is how you do Dream Yoga for kids!


Step 1
Take the first steps of your daily "I go to bed" routine with your child. Computer, telephone, radio, TV, radio off; no distractions and especially no energy to flow from outside. Create an atmosphere together where you can both completely relax and experience dream status.



Step 2
Start with a small fun exercise, you can learn to be quiet in a playful way. Start making a connection. * Mr. Buddha was a champion of silence. He could sit still for a long time! Shall we see together if we can do it too?

* idea by Tijn Touber for children under 7 years old.

For older children, you can take a dream moment that you are living together and that you want to hold on to sleep together and relax together. Don't make it an obligation, make it fun, super cool and funny!



Step 3
Take the time to be quiet just before going to sleep, let it develop, let your child develop it, don't control it. You can also practice meditation together during the day so that it is easier during the dream yoga and so on. If you yourself pay close attention to your breathing, your child will do the same because children mirror you, this almost goes without saying.

Step 4
Teach your child to trust that it is not alone during the dream Yoga, while sleeping / dreaming and meditating. Come up with a great, super cool way to beat scary things together. You can think of blowing bubbles, being Princess Anna and Elsa, being a pirate or "Crocodile, frog in your butt". Let your child indicate a way in this.

Then really do it together; together you say the words out loud, blow the bubbles away and so on. Let it arise and let it flow your child indicates when it is done with the dream Yoga



Step 5
Briefly talk about what your child experienced during the dream Yoga, you can of course also share your own experience with your child if you wish, but you don't have to. Writing it down in the Dream Bullet Journal is the next step you do together.



Step 6
Good night and sleep well. Dream yoga goes a step further than yoga, your child takes this status to bed. Your child goes to sleep after defeating the scary creatures, receiving dream images - is relaxed and so on. Your child feels the wonderful connection that has arisen during doom yoga and can therefore sleep more peacefully. This status brings with it many new growth moments, both for your child and for yourself.     

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