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Making a dream bullet journal together

Published on 1 August 2019 at 07:00

You want to support your child well while sleeping, dreaming and especially during scary dreams and nightmares! .. A good and especially fun exercise is to make a dream bullet together. It is creative, pure and so on and a very good way for a child to process the anxious moments with pleasure and a different vision. Doing it together, taking it seriously and not turning it into a Big Deal.



Why a dream bullet journal works so great !.


It is not alone, connecting parent, educator, guardian and child. But also very creative, it not only helps your child to process his / her dreams, visions. It also reduces sleep anxiety.


In addition, as an adult you can better / better see what is going on in the dream, vision life of your child. The common thread is found faster and you can get started together.

A dream bullet journal is a great creative way to help your child cope with nightmares, dreams, visions and so on. It is supportive to ... it is not a solution ... it is not a substitute for ... It is purely a tool that helps your child.

How to make a dream bullet journal together with your child! ..



Buy or create a beautiful notebook, diary together with your child!

Pencil, Pen, colors, markers, paint and so on;

Magazines, pictures, folding papers, glitter and so on;

Write, color, paste together with your child the dream, nightmare; deal with it playfully and above all creatively. Pay close attention to what your child experiences and not so much what you think, feel, think ..... The head of a child works very differently than that of an adult. 

The Dream Bullet Journal does not necessarily have to consist of mandatory dream elements; this may arise together with your child; but there are a number of Dream Tips that can support your child well.



Use the following additional Dream Tips

It reflects your child, the more creative the more fun and personal it is.

- Create sleep tracker and / or mood tracker "you can think of colors or numbers from high to low" fill this in together!

- Bed time routine "what things to do before going to sleep", brushing your teeth, reading a book and so on. Describe this together.

Wake Up routine "What things will you do when you wake up". brushing your teeth, peeing, having breakfast, dream bullet and so on. Describe this together.



"Of course you can also make one for yourself"
More Dream Bullet journal inspiration can be found abundantly at pintrest! 

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