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Scary dreams tips

Published on 12 June 2019 at 19:51

Sleeping can be a very scary experience for a toddler, what children experience every day when you process them asleep! The impressions a child has are many times greater than with adult people because we have already seen everything once!


You can see it like this; As an adult you put the daily experience into a dream storage cupboard. You already had this experience years ago in your toddler / toddler time! But for a toddler this is just the beginning - it's the first time; the storage cupboard has yet to be made.


In addition, children often had birth pain, past life experiences and so on. You can attribute intense emotions and feelings that they project and especially to themselves.

You can help children with their nightmares. Both in preparing for the night, during the night itself, but also during the day when processing the images. It is precisely by making contact with the (energies / experiences) of the images from the night during the day that a connection is established between that of which the child is aware and that of which the child is not aware, also called the unconscious and conscious.


In addition, children dream much more intensively because they are much more open than we adult people. You can also think of more colorful dreams. And of course fatigue, ADHD, New Age children and so on. Making friends, adapting to life as a person is a great challenge, especially for young children. Children are very much like animals and objects that suddenly have the characteristics of father, mother, teacher, master, neighbor, sisters, brothers and so on. From about 3 years to 6 years old, children dream very intensively with exceptions.

Dream Tips


Try to comfort your child in their own bed and especially without turning on the lights! Give your child confidence that it is safe in its own bed and that it can sleep again; don't get your child out of bed!

Provide a quiet and dark bedroom, leave a night light on if necessary.

A bedroom with many noises or shadows creates scary dreams, think of a draft strip when the wind has free rein.


So you can also think of shadows on the wall, teddy bear shadow can be very scary for a child! It is better to remove or move the cuddly toy before going to sleep.

Talk about it, "Make it negotiable", take it seriously, but don't make it bigger than it is! It is not something to be afraid of, it is not strange, it is not strange and so on. So don't make it a Big Deal!

Also talk about fun dreams.

Give your child a kind of protector bear / talisman / helper, etc., with which he can make contact before going to sleep and is therefore also unconsciously present in sleep as a protector.

"After waking up your child, beat the scary dream together in a fun way".

Tell your child that everyone dreams too, including yourself; and how you experience this, do it and so on.

Make a dream bullet journal together.

Do yoga together, children meditation, use gemstones, minerals as protector.

Try to prevent and limit stress in the family as much as possible.

Search together for the meaning of the child's dreams.

Tell them you had a bad dream yourself. This way your child learns that dreaming is very normal and that it is not the only one who has bad dreams. 

Do not let your child look at a screen before going to sleep. A TV or computer in the bedroom is therefore not recommended.

Do not give your child a heavy meal just before going to sleep. But don't let it go to bed hungry either.

Clean up the negative energy in the house / bedroom !. By laying down gems, minerals and / or burning sage (Ask a specialist to help you with this).

If dreaming gets worse and / or it is very intensive, take steps towards a specialist and / or child coach.

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