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Children Dreams & Visions

Published on 10 June 2019 at 16:40

Children dream much more intensively than adults; this is because, first, a child's daily life is much more impressive than it is for an adult. As an adult you have already seen it once; for a child everything is new. In addition, children need much more time to process everything they experience during the day.


The Brain also grows very quickly and hard so that it is prepared for adulthood. Yet another reason is that dreams and visions for children are much more intense because of the beginning of life - the beginning of life; and then you can think of the memory of past lives, soul pain.


Birth pain, new time energy. Making friends, adapting to life as a person is a great challenge, especially for young children. As childhood passes, the less intensive this becomes and the less the child starts to dream and / or have visions

A child's fantasy is very vivid - the monster under the bed is a truly classic example of the vibrancy of the child's brain; which makes everything much more intensive.

Because children are still very open to the connection with their basis, the spiritual insights, new time energy. Can actually all children and babies feel this influence, see from the spirits or deceased loved ones, etc. that can also lead to very intensive situations.


The fantasy boyfriend, fantasy girlfriend is also part of this - this can be a deceased loved one but also a fantasy image. The child tries to process everything in this way. Children mirror everything about their parents, educators, neighborhood children, friends. For example, the fantasy friend is reflected in all life lessons that the child learns at school, daycare or from friends.


This is all part of it!, .... you do not have to worry about this because as the child grows up this decreases and becomes less intensive. It is true that there is a BUT behind it; because there are always exceptions.

If the child Dreams Too Vividly, Dreams Too Often, Lots of Visions, Recurring Nightmares and / or a lot, then it is really wise to seek professional help. Hypersensitivity, HSP and / or new age child etc. often send their first signals through visions and dreams. So, a child's fantasy is to protect himself from the outside world. No one can approach or attack this fantasy world because they created it themselves.

Babies sleep about 15 a day, half of that is REM sleep;

Toddlers sleep about 12 hours and of that 3 hours REM sleep;

Toddlers sleep about 11 hours and 2.5 hours of REM sleep;

Children from 9 years sleep about 10 hours and 2 of them REM sleep

Teenagers sleep like an adult; but they dream of that much more, because they have to process a lot hormonally - they get 2 hours of REM sleep;

Adults sleep an average of 8 hours, of which 2 hours is REM sleep.

Take time to take the child's dreams and visions seriously; talk about it in a fun playful way. Don't make it a Big Deal, do it lightly and openly - but understanding the child's dreams and / or visions will also help you understand what's going on in the child's world.


Children mirror everything (especially on animals) in dreams and visions.

The Crocodile or Shark can represent an angry parent;

For example, the Horse that receives a Foal can represent a brother or sister;

The Leo is often a reflection of fear as well as family;

The mouse can represent love and warmth, but if a snake eats the mouse, this generally indicates an unpleasant feeling in the eyes of the child that has to do with losing something.


It is generally the case that Cuddly Animal Dreams are positive and Scary Animal Dreams represent negative. That the bedroom or house offers security and the barn or country house represents insecurity. 


Does your child often dream? ....


I am not a child specialist / doctor so this approach is purely based on my own experiences as a Dream Trainer! ....


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