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Lucid dreaming not for kids!

Published on 25 September 2020 at 07:00

It sounds so nice, it is so contemporary. Lucid dreams; if adults can read self-help books about this. Then it will also be something for children. Lucid dreaming is nothing more than awareness, peeling off your soul layers, living in the now, spiritual growth and letting go of the ego and so on. Children are pure, independent of the ego and live from the highest source.

They really don't need this, they are just learning to deal with every phase of life as a human being. They get to know the ego, develop their own self (person). Children and teenagers dream differently as adults! That is why lucid dreaming is very dangerous for children. In addition, they simply do not need it, they do not bear the burden of adult people.


No!.  don't teach kids and teens lucid dreaming !.


Will your teen come home with it! Explain that lucid dreaming is something you shouldn't see lightly. It is really about deep emotions, feelings, past lives, letting go of cracks in the soul, layers and spiritual growth. It is dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. "especially anchoring is a very important point".


It's exciting, but uncontrollably dangerous !.


Teens cannot control this yet, and / or know how to do it. You can almost see it as spinning a glass, evoking spirit, playing board games. In addition, teens do not or only just have their own waking existence under control and lucid dreaming is a dangerous combination. 

Your teen may start to float and cannot (emotionally) find their way back and / or even experience the feeling that they are no longer in their body.


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