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Dark dream days 😔

Published on 6 May 2020 at 11:52

There are those times when honesty strikes the clock. This is such a moment when there is no turning back to yesterday; last June or dreaming expectations at the beginning of 2020.

No, also for me the Corona virus has left very deep traces. So deep that they cannot be repaired at the moment. Hoping that the state allowance can support me financially until new times may come. Finding an extra or even full income has become a must.


It is for good reason that my life motto is "never give up!".
That means that after 8 years of construction, my company is now switching to a different giving way of helping and supporting, informing and inspiring people. 

" Keep dreaming"

Maybe it is not that wrong yet, it gives the opportunity to find other ways and one of them is that the training has been postponed for the time being. Training courses that started in early 2020 can now also relax. A place is not only necessary for myself but also for the whole world. Helping and supporting irresponsibly is the most important thing you can do in your life.

Take it easy, take time for our loved one, take time for yourself and don't forget to recover because it was and is not easy. Embrace this, embrace this time, give each other a virtual hug, call your best friend !. Loneliness has never been more emphatically present than it is now. Fortunately, there are good signals, reports that we are gradually returning to normal ......


No more income from training for the time being, until opportunities arise of course. All blogs are and will continue as usual. Irresponsible inspiration has always been a motto of my life. I give and keep giving, don't expect anything in return and that is the most important thing to do. 


Read the free training! Embrace the free love, warmth and inspiration

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