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What you cannot do. you have to do 🧐

Published on 20 May 2020 at 17:40

I used to be ashamed of it, but now I have passed that stage. Writing is my biggest challenge. All my life it has been my obstacle, my fear, my deepest blockade. "It is what you cannot do and what you must do."

Almost all of us are looking for a life purpose !.
It is, I must be able to do something right now. Everyone has a talent, purpose! Why not me ?.

Did you know that it is often that one thing! What has been (un) consciously present throughout your life, but which is not tangible. It is often that which you do not understand. That which keeps slipping out of your hands. It is also the one thing that keeps coming back and never leaves you.

It's the door you've run into 10 times, and it's still not opened.

To explain what I mean, I want to tell you my writer story ... I hope this inspires you about your fears, obstacles, blockades. face challenges and embrace your goal. That you start today and don't wait until tomorrow !. That your goal (generally) is not to make money but to help, inspire and embrace yourself.



I couldn't write at all; .....What?...
Yes, you read that right. Little 4 year old Marjantje only had one dream and that was to become a writer. Only there was a problem the creative card deck was shuffled incorrectly. All the crayons were wrong on the table. When handing out the pens and pens, I got a left-handed pen instead of a right-handed pen.

Marjantje learned just like all other children. coloring, reading, writing. Soon I was unable to join the rest of the class.

Within two years, little Marjannetje had fallen behind in learning that could no longer be made up.

Klein Marjannetje used her wrong hemisphere, all of this was caused by the teachers' incorrect assessment from right to left. So I didn't just have to go to a special school for learning disabilities. I was allowed to learn everything new. The special school quickly found out what was wrong with me. Eventually I managed to learn to write including dyslexic writing anxiety. The backlog was only partially made up for years later.


When I wrote my book Dreams and Visions, the reactions were ... Not as I had hoped.
The advice was very informative and well intended. I don't blame anyone. It is a painful experience that is (unconsciously) necessary to find your goal. Obviously, the writer's advice continues to inspire me to do it right now !.


I was advised not to do it. You can't write that very well; do not do it!.
Marjan you are too stupid for that.
Marjan I see too many spelling mistakes.
You should not take administration / secretary jobs. Now just do something for which you don't have to use written words.
Blogging is not for you Marjan; you can't!
And yes, I even got fired once for having dyslexic writing anxiety.
You should not write a Triller Roman; and yes I really did it !.
Writing for magazines is a great dream, but I wouldn't do it! It finally happened!

The dreams, wishes that are present all your life; whether on the sidelines or not !. Its worth fighting for. It is the challenges, our greatest fears, obstacles that are the way to your life goal!

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