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Project doubt butt 😇

Published on 30 April 2020 at 17:40

While I am always busy with my company, blogs, videos, newsletters, training, podcast (despite all the setbacks, experience and bumps) I still somehow ask the following question at least once a month


...... Is this the right way .....

Why is it so difficult and why does it seem more difficult to me than to other people. Now I also know that you should not compare yourself with others. So I do that as little as possible, but oh well, I am of course also a person and regularly fall into the same-minded entrepreneur with butter ... Yes, I sometimes fall for the comparison of other successful people.


Is it naive to want to hit your toe against the same door 10 times or is it just the entrepreneur in me?
I have been busy for 8 years now and as a happy single that is not very easy. I don't have a partner I can rely on, I just have to work full-time; not a (hobby) company - but the hard truth and sometimes that is quite difficult while at other times it is a blessing.


How often do you ask yourself if you are on the right track? ....
Then keep going or tucking the towel in the ring - reviewing or cutting it.

You can say, I have a kind of Hate love affair with my Dream. A Dream that occasionally (consciously, deliberately) rears its head and makes me doubt. Usually gathers together the next day and gives new energy, introduces new plans and so on.


I live from my soul, my source, my base, my calling. No matter what anyone else says, what happens in my life ... "this is all I want to do and keep doing." Even though I have to climb the mountain barefoot, swim across the ocean. If I run out of money, or if I lose everything. I will always stay connected to my Dream and I will never let that go.

I am my company, I cannot (always) live with and I certainly cannot live without.

For me it is enjoying the process, learning, studying and being yourself completely, dreaming, trusting yourself and keep building, improve, grow So project doubt is and remains an important part of my dream.

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