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New knowledge is a quest

Published on 26 April 2020 at 17:47

I get a lot of questions from customers, how is it possible that you write a new blog with new material so quickly. So I thought maybe it's nice to briefly share this story with you and take you through the process. It is true that I also take time for new knowledge, information and that it does not just come out of the blue for me - or I would say walking into my dreams.


Obviously I am a fast writer, blogger, thinker. In fact, I can quickly analyze and transform information and knowledge, wisdom through my dreams, visions, daydreams, meditations.


Similarly this time, I may have discovered something new again - it's a start - it's a sort out moment. What I take all the time for the Magic of Flowers in your dreams. So yes, I generally have several things on track, but I also share things that I have learned myself much earlier - but have simply never shared.


So it also happens that I start something, come to the conclusion that it does not work and / or just needs time to develop, improve and in many cases needs to be supplemented.


The Magic of Flowers in your dreams is published at the right time if it has sufficient decisiveness

My first step is to keep track of what is happening, in my waking life, while sleeping and waking up. Then writing it down in my dream journal is a very important addition to this.
Then I look up what I had already learned, described and / or there are connections and so on.
Step three is using dream meditations, visualization, affirmations and connecting to my source, base
Step four is converting the knowledge into workable information, practicing with any information.
So yes I try everything myself first and / or ask volunteers if they want to try the new exercise. This therefore includes quiet construction and development opportunities.


And last step 5
Writing and Sharing on my blog / website and social media, making it workable for the training and so on.


So there is a lot involved with new learning processes, new knowledge and new possibilities. -I don't just share something, it has all been researched, tried, learned, practiced and made workable so that everyone (including you) can use it.

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