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Awareness of the fact that

Published on 24 April 2020 at 17:40

At the beginning of the week, I read a well-written message that raised my awareness of what I thought I already had. I try to live mindful, live from love and from my heart. No one to judge and no one to judge. See it through the eyes of the other and with love.


Yes, that is a challenge and I try to deal with it as well as possible. "And all on a human earthly level of course", I may be aware of the fact that, but I am also just a person with emotions and feelings just like everyone else. I only have to admit that the corona virus for me is not experienced as very heavy and crisis, stressful.


Of course I am at home like everyone else, I have been hit hard financially - the loss of my job is falling - So I have no more money in the bank and enter a benefit situation .... But somehow I know that it will be all right; I am not really deeply concerned.

You can call that sticking your head in the sand; but I call it rather trusting the universe.

My story is not really the message I want to give you - how I experience it is completely different from that of the rest of the world. What for me if "I have faith, it will be well experienced". Is for another extremely heavy, unstoppable, feeling confined, trauma, limitations and oppositions.


Look through the eyes of the other person, do not judge - you do not know what is going on behind the front door, what is ok for me, may not be ok for another.


At first I also had an opinion about all those complainers of loneliness, lack of money and "What is it heavy" messages on social media. Until I realized that the article I read completely hit the nail on the head ...... Stop comparing yourself, stop judging, That what you find difficult or difficult is a piece of cake for someone else. The thing that I or you will run into tomorrow is not heavier, worse, worse, "but just different", because it is my burden and not yours or your neighbor, your uncle, grandfather, grandmother, who lives in America.


That is the message I want to give you, do not judge, do not judge, we are all on the same sea, only in a different boat. Thanks to a wonderful awareness article

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