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You cannot always be positive 🍀

Published on 6 July 2020 at 07:00

You probably know loving super happy people who can give a great twist to anytime, anywhere. I must admit I used to do it too.

"dream mantras", I have created enough to have positivity for days.

I use the positive balanced in balance with acceptance that I am just human with pain, sadness; fear, setback. Yes, nowadays I dare to honestly tell myself and the world that I have a bad moment.

"You cannot always approach life positively!".


Do you also dare to honestly admit that things are not going well? ...

I love it when I can just say to myself and to people around me that things are not going so well. That I feel cunt or that I am not happy. I love to embrace my pain.

It makes me human, it keeps me on my feet. It gives me a different view of my life.= 

I can't help it, but I get annoyed more and more; social media, books, blogging that are always positive but happily used as a formula for a better life. It is argued to create a not always realistic image in my opinion. In which there is a balance between being human, growing, the higher, developing, being aware and so on.


I enjoy the failure, my mistakes and my undeniable negative qualities.

For me, it is the moments when I am fed up with myself, the situation and at the same time also learn the life lessons that I need to not hit my toe against the same door again and again. Now it is not that I am negative, of course not, I still believe the glass is half full or half empty !.

"The universe takes care of you". Living out of love, giving unconditionally, after brushing there comes sunshine and so on. It is only much more conscious and more balanced.

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