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Trust life 🌟

Published on 12 July 2020 at 07:00

I used to find it really hard to fully rely on life, on the process. I have to admit it is and remains a challenge, but it is getting better and better. I have disconnected social media from my way of life.

Now I can let go and trust the journey, the creative process, the development. Floating, bending and trusting that the tangible only comes when it really should be in your life. 


I did the opposite of what I had to do.

I always kept an eye on everything, if I had written a new blog and / or posted on the website / social media. Then I immediately looked at the Analistics, the number of likes, visitors and so on.

I often had an unconscious opinion about everything and everyone who lived a too perfect life. How could I not succeed?

Why wasn't I successful at this? ..


If it was disappointing then I tried to do better with my next blog, post or article. Unconsciously, a (social) addiction creeps into your life, which is very difficult to bring back into balance.

Do you, like me, admit that you are / were sensitive to social media / website success? 

I now post my article, blog, post and let go of everything. In fact, I am (almost) not available on social media. I don't actually follow anyone, keep an eye on me and don't look at the comments that have been and / or are posted.


Sorry if you are disappointed but I just don't look anymore.

Once a day I look, then only read the important articles, comments that I need as a dreamer and trainer for any learning goals, inspiration and so on. For the rest, I just can't be found on social media and / or even on my website.


Being successful does not come with Likes, high Analistics and Comments. Success is for me if 1 person has read and touched this message. 

It gives me a human and free feeling that puts me back on the beautiful planet earth. I enjoy an old fashioned phone call, social interaction on the street, great workouts with clients. Letting go of control has opened my eyes I trust life as it comes.

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