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with your head in the clouds

Published on 14 July 2020 at 11:11

I enjoy the moments when the clouds pass by. I can really stare at the clouds for a long time. relax and completely relax. Staring at the clouds also creates creativity, insights, spontaneous things that you had not thought of before. It is for me that moment when I let go of everything.

Look high at the sun and don't look for an answer.


I enjoy giving everything symbolically to the clouds that no longer flows, that which I no longer need. It works differently for me too, I let the energy of the clouds flow towards me and I receive it back in the form of intuition. For me, looking at clouds is also connected to nature and the starry sky and to sleep better / better



I really enjoy being with my head in your clouds.


Now it is not that I always look up for inspiration and so on, but every now and then it is still very nice to connect yourself with everything that happens around you. It gives me a good part of the big picture.

The round planet and the little dot that I can be in my earthly body. I try to keep everything in balance, with two feet on the ground, not floating and enjoying all the earthly things that come to me. Connection with the higher the clouds comes after that.


Do you know the great thing about watching clouds? 

We all see something different in clouds, that's the beauty of it. Whatever you see, whatever you experience, your soul speaks to you. What you see in the clouds tells you exactly what you are (un) consciously doing. How nice is it to watch clouds with your children, friends, family and / or a total stranger who happens to cross your path. 

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