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The thin line of Wishful Thinking

Published on 16 July 2020 at 07:00

You probably know it, you hope for something, you dream about something and you ask for signals .... And yes everywhere you look you see feathers on your path, music, movies, birds and even on social media signals. The only problem is that there is a very thin line between wisful thinking and receiving signals.

Seeing signals and receive signals. Means letting go don't worry about it and don't look it up !. 


It is true that wherever you put (too much and/of excessive ) attention appears in your life anyway - in other words, where your energy goes into it comes to you (power of thought). It does not matter whether it belongs in your path or not and / or whether it is positive or negative. That which you put down wisful is always answered. It is answered because you are just looking for it; you just want it to be like this and / or to be like that and so on 


But whether it is also a signal, is the question? ..... Is it fantasy or is it realistic?

The reason I write this and would like to draw attention to it again is because many people are in trouble with this.     

The danger is in the thin line with wisful thinking and really receiving signals.

Imagine you are working, you are sitting in front of the computer all day and you have asked for a signal. You see the clock on your computer at 11:11 and then again at 14:14 that must be a signal, right? ...

Ehhh no probably not! Stupid because you're preying on it. In addition, you spend a large part of the day computing, of course you see the clock !.


You ask for a signal at that moment you see a feather on the sidewalk, only the feather has not just dropped. It may have been there for a few days since it is brown here and there. No that is not a signal! ... At least not the moment you passed it.

You are looking for a partner and / or a new relationship; maybe you already know someone, do you have someone in mind ... You visualize the contact, you dream about it, ask for signals. You happen to see a love movie hearing love songs on the radio .... No, that's called wisful thinking. Let it go, let it go completely and let time go its own way. You just wait, you have confidence; then it appears spontaneously !. 


Where you put energy in comes to you (power of thought)


After you have asked for a signal, you walk with your dog through a beautiful nature reserve (It is a stork breeding area); you see a stork flying over / sitting on the nest and so on. Then this is not a signal. When you go home you let go of the experience and the walk. A few hours later the stork flies over your house and you happen to see it then there may be a signal.


Another example is, you have been home all day and you get into the car unexpectedly, start the engine; looks and sees in the corner of your eye on the clock that it is 16:16 then you can call it a signal.


Be aware of the fact that wisful thinking is a thin line with seeing real signals!


Seeing signals and receiving signals is letting go and not looking up !. In other words, if you look up a profile of someone you like on social media. The next morning a message will appear from this person, this is not a signal but wisful thinking. If you do not look up the profile, but it appears spontaneously out of nowhere, you can speak of a signal. 


Let it go, let it develop itself, and signals will come out of the blue!

I hope this post gives you a little bit more insight about receiving signals and wisful thinking. 

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