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The two hedgehogs

Published on 16 August 2020 at 07:00

My neighbor has two hedgehogs in the garden. They come out when it is dark. She gives them something to drink and it gives loving pictures. It really is a beautiful sight, two hedgehog buddies. The hedgehogs probably live in my (give away to the neighbors) vegetable garden. They go out every night looking for something to eat or drink.


I call them Prikkie and Stekeltje.


The vegetable garden project didn't really work out - except for a few strawberries! .. The idea was and still is a lot of fun. It hasn't really paid off so far. Who knows, it might be better next year.

As you can probably see from the picture. I was not really born with a talent for a vegetable garden. While my grandfather had a very large vegetable garden and he really taught me a lot about the vegetable garden as little girls.

I can keep up with my garden here and there. I enjoy the beauty of flowers and plants every day ..... But growing old fashioned potatoes, beans, lettuce is not my thing. I have a reasonable piece of land behind my house that was used as a vegetable garden by the previous owners. 


My neighbors really wanted to; so I gave them my blessing. We have divided the land into three parts; the middle part is mine. I really wanted a wild flower garden ... 

Yes, I dare to give myself a small compliment, it worked out the best of the whole project ... While I didn't do anything about it.


But the rest, well that is debatable. I was so looking forward to tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins ........ Better dear neighborhoods next year! You have to start somewhere and the end product is not yet insightful. 

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