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Fuck it moment

Published on 22 August 2020 at 11:45

Last night I was briefly pressed to the facts. My own facts that life does not always go as you would like .... And that you pick up your things again. You experience the wrinkles, the limitations and the setbacks. It is a Fuck it moment that only dawns on you later.


Yesterday, for the first time in ages, I gave a live on Facebook ..... And yes, it was a really cool feeling. After all this time to reconnect with your followers, fans, customers. But what a fuck it moment, the ease with which I once made YouTube videos for "years" and published them on my channel. The live streams that I made every week make me lose my nerves.  


Oops ..... I'm rusty .....


I think the worst thing is that I have cleaned up all the old youtube videos and lives! ..... So if you have something somewhere let me know, who knows I can publish it again. 

When you sleep, the realization comes ... Why on earth did I give up !.


What if I had continued ....... The questions you should not ask fly through your head with the same ease. They fly out of your mouth as the realization that things don't always go the way you envision them.


In the middle of the night, I read a message on instagram - how do you know the difference between the master and a student. The master has already fallen, given up, got up and started anew 10,000 times !. "The Yes Fuck It", I just started over just like I've done with everything lately.


It's just like roller skating, of course, you don't forget, braking is just difficult, cornering feels like you're losing control. The challenge is to use the experience of that time again and to grow and become better than ever before.  

'Fuck It'.  Let's do this!. 

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