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Laugh at myself

Published on 23 August 2020 at 13:24

I catch myself very often when I want to do something quickly. Then I make stupid mistakes and do stupid things. I don't think, don't distance yourself. No, I just do it quickly ..... With all the funny consequences that entails.


Similarly, Did you now without K ,,,,, Jep. I know! But doing something quickly is just my stupid quality that I apparently can't learn. Of course I know how to write Did you know .....

An hour after publishing, I see it, smile once and correct my mistake. But how stupid can you be if you do not learn this life lesson quickly, quickly. So I promise to get well soon!

"You know", I also do this when I'm nervous and then you also get very funny things.


So my intention is to take a step back, slow down and let it sink in first.

I am organized, I always make sure that I have the correct information I need. But somehow if I want something fast I make a short circuit.

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