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Married to my knitted cardigan

Published on 30 August 2020 at 12:00

I don't know, but you might recognize it, pieces of clothing you can't part with. It is not fashionable at all, it is also old and worn. And in my case there are paint stains on it, here and there holes and fluff that spontaneously falls to the floor. But somehow I just can't buy a new vest that comes close. 


I just can't part with this cardigan. This cardigan has been hanging in my closet for over 7 years. I wear it instead of a jacket. I wear it in the fall and in winter. I wear it as a handy sweater, pajamas as a duster and so on. 

If it's in the laundry basket, I regularly catch myself checking if it is really dirty. If not, I'll just put it on again !. When it is washed then I pluck it off the clothesline as soon as possible to put it back on.


But now and then, I make an attempt to really buy something new. Similarly today !. Yes, I will try again, but nothing is as nice and warm as my cardigan. I had been thinking, maybe I should make it a farewell ceremony ... then I can mentally prepare for it.   


Do you also have clothes that you can say goodbye to? ...

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