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Help I have gray hair !.

Published on 28 September 2020 at 07:00

This morning I was brushing my light brown long hair, take a good look in the mirror! I want to look my best, for the new profile pictures of the website ...... Do I really see that now, yes I can no longer avoid it help ... I am just 38 and I have a few gray hairs on my head. 


I call my best friend and you know what she says !. Only now; I've been gray since I was 30 !. She's just been dyeing it in the trendiest colors for years. With me it is really only a few hairs, you don't even see it when I tie my hair to a ponytail. You don't even see it when it's loose, you just have to look closely. But I see it, that's the problem I see it !. It's just like your blue spot, those are the things you see, but others haven't noticed at all.


I have to admit it's been a long time since I dyed my hair, but what am I going to do ... You know what gray hair is in fashion I just don't do anything at all. "Beautiful gray is not ugly". I don't care, I'm just getting older and hopefully a little wiser.


Soon you will see the new photos for the website !. I always enjoy doing something different, the changes of the seasons and also a new year of life that is captured on screen. After all, you change, grow and become more and more yourself. Beyond shame, it is not for nothing that the lessons of life become more visible as you get older. Without my life lessons I could not have done this work! How it all started Blog 1 How it all started blog 2 Project doubt butt 😇 Grandma's Wise Lessons ☀️ Marjan's Authentic things

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