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The Power of Symbolism

Published on 5 October 2020 at 07:00

It may sound cliché but I really like symbolism. Not only do I gladly incorporate that into my dream translations, but I also use symbolism in my daily life. I don't just buy flowers for anyone. I really think about which flower suits which occasion.

Now I'm a thinker, so I think about everything. I'm usually beyond the average person, I've already looked at and explored all the scenarios in my head before moving on to action.

I think it's fantastic when I receive something from someone, receive what symbolism is behind it .... The story, the thought, personal genuine interest that really makes the difference for me. It is such a shame that the symbolic idea is increasingly forgotten.


People may run out of time or may not be interested in the story behind it. I'm probably old fashioned, too romantic or too thoughtful. I really enjoy small things, a handwritten old-fashioned Christmas card is really in my top symbolic presents.

I therefore plead for more symbolic things.


Especially now when loneliness and illness are so close. Send each other an old-fashioned card, buy a really personal gift, a flower, bake a cake, and so on.   

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