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Look at what is possible

Published on 14 October 2020 at 07:00

Yesterday morning I had already written this blog, scheduled for today. Somehow I wanted to be there after the press conference of the Dutch Prime Minister, I really made some adjustments here and there. We cannot ignore them, the measures are difficult, tough, scary and challenges that we cannot ignore.


As we get more rules every day, negative things are sprinkled over us and then see the positive. Everything is going PUSSY, it is going bad Despite everything, try to get yourself together and see what is possible. Maybe this is some kind of advice from IS THE GLASSES HALF FULL OR HALF EMPTY, but it's the only way.

I do not want to advise you to ignore the news, to oppose the negative or the new rules. I hope there is "allow what is possible" of everything. The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your day, or maybe even your life. It is not easy, you are not the only one .... The garden chair seater 


Change your thoughts - what are you grateful for despite everything? ...


I try to see it as my grandmother once said to me. See what you do have and not what you don't. Keep listening to your intuition, your feelings and your heart, help each other where possible. Whether we will eventually benefit from it. It is the next cliché that fits in this list of summaries ... But whether it is true will become clear when it is all over. 


Do you want to relax deeply, let go of the old, do you want support and so on. Join for free in the dream mediation I give on Friday - you can register via the facebookgroup  


At times like this we need it so badly (heart) - not just relaxing, but a group of like-minded people meditating together. To come back again in a better / different energy, which illuminates the world a little bit. Let the sun shine together even if it is in the distance.


The only thing I want to add is Stay safe. 

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