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The first time

Published on 20 October 2020 at 07:00

I am a disaster when it comes to first time, Yep I always fail the first time. I can never do something right the first time; not because I'm a perfectionist. But purely because I always do something really stupid the first time. I can not help it; it's just like that !.

It's been years, but it's a quintessentially Marjan moment that reflects my infamous first-time relationship. I didn't even have my driver's license for 15 minutes when I drove off the mirror of a parked car.

The great thing is that most of the time I go so hard on my face; that I'll never do it again. My first livestream was a disaster, everything went wrong that could go wrong. My first boyfriend wasn't a hit either 



I always say as a joke, I will only participate with the 2 time


Don't ask me to drive somewhere if I've never been. I will really end up on the other side of the country! (even with navigation). You should not leave measuring a new doormat to me. Well, he is really 3 centimeters too short so that there is always a crack visible. Yes, I really miss the train or get off on the wrong platform! New oven, it doesn't work, ... how is that possible. Maybe you should put the plug in the socket !.


Do you also suffer from first time (performance anxiety) fear? ...



That is why I have embraced, accepted my first times. I just know I need the hard lesson to learn how to do it. I really need to learn how it works. I have to learn what suits me and follow my intuition on top of the logical steps everyone takes. I don't know an easy road, it has to be one with potholes, bumps otherwise I just won't learn.   

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