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Sometimes I am also anxious

Published on 23 October 2020 at 11:07

I've been dreaming consciously for years, but I've also been really afraid of my dreams and visions. Meditations and daydreams. For the shadow on the wall, the feeling that I was not alone. And no, that was not a feeling of recognition towards my late mother, grandmother or grandfather. I have told you about my first nightmare and my most impressive scary dream. I really lay awake for a number of nights, slept with a lamp on.


But I've never recounted my werewolves and vampire experience



I am not easily scared, especially because I have experienced many nightmares in the past and I now know how to deal with them. But this one was different, it was so intense that I did not even dare to sleep anymore and also deliberately put off my meditations and daydreams until I was sure that there was really nothing serious.


It was a dark rainy autumn evening, I went to bed early and fell asleep like a log. I was walking alone in a dark forest, a large wolf appeared in front of me with its fangs visible. He grunted at me and ran towards me. I put my arms in front of my eyes and wanted to run very fast, while I turned around there was suddenly a vampire who grabbed me and wanted to bite my neck. Then I woke up happily from this very terrified nightmare. Sitting upright in my bed, I looked around in alarm and on the wall I saw a shadow, the tapping of the raindrops against the windows made the whole thing worse. As a result of which the inner panic struck even further, and I no longer dared to sleep.


Eventually you will of course come to the conclusion that it is just a processing dream, but the combination of shadows, nightmares and inner fear creates a trauma dream that you will not forget. Adult people also suffer from nightmares and can be afraid when it is dark and so on. 

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