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Blue Moon

Published on 29 October 2020 at 07:00

I really have a thing for the positions of the moon, stars and planets. I think it is fantastic to look at the starry sky, to be outside and then enjoy the beautiful energy and magical effect of it.


In a few days it will be blue moon, you may have read it on my blog but I am really very sensitive to the positions of the moon. The blue moon is the second full moon in one month. This phenomenon generally occurs once a year and is therefore an exceptional phenomenon that you should not miss.


What was your first conscious memory of the blue moon? ..


This year it falls exactly on Halloween (October 31) and that is very special because on this day the veil between all dimensions is thinnest. Five years ago I had my first conscious blue moon experience.


But what does the blue moon have to do with dreams? ..


The influence of the energy that the moon produces, influences your sleep, dreams and meditations - in other words, you dream more intensively, you daydream more intensively, you meditate more intensively ... The effect on your body and mind is then also bigger. That's why I pay attention to it. Consciously dreaming during a blue moon, full moon is not nothing and you should pay attention to it. In addition, this is the piece of deepening dreaming, conscious and lucid dreamer can only come. Which, incidentally, anyone can learn. Dream friend Dream guide


Blue moon emotions, feelings let me know; talk about it there are tips and tricks on how to deal with this!

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