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In love with frightening dreams

Published on 1 November 2020 at 07:00

It may sound strange, but I really love the theme of anxious dreams, nightmares, Trauma dreams Past life dream fear Sleep paralysis  and so on. I myself have a lot of personal experience in this, but besides that there are many people who struggle with this. I actually made this as my main expertise. Besides meditations and mindfulness and mantras life, I think this is my Main core



It is also the topic I get the most questions about. It's what needs the most attention right now!



We live in difficult times, burnout, stress, trauma, panic, being locked up, being restricted is just around the corner and is the order of the day. There have never been so many people with so many anxiety dreams, sleep problems as now!

Take the time to do this, take the time to discover yourself and there is nothing easier than embracing your dreams. Take the time to start accepting that you are not alone. In addition, dreams are a reflection of your daily waking existence. When you sleep, your ego is subordinate so that your purity can fully speak and put everything in one place. There are many possibilities to deal with nightmares or fears better or differently.  


If you want personal support that will really help you, read my blog posts, or contact me! In the webshop you can find many opportunities for starters - change starts with you today.

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