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Coffee addiction

Published on 13 November 2020 at 07:00

I don't really dare to admit it, but I've been drinking coffee for years. Although I don't think it's excessive, two / three mugs of coffee (a little more than 5 cups) a day have (not literally) killed me. The day before, yesterday and this morning I felt dizzy after breakfast. That luckily subsided after I went for lunch. After lunch I drank another mug of coffee and felt the dizziness reappear, this also subsided.  


What appears if your body ingests too much coffee (caffeine), you can react in the form of dizziness and headaches. My body has been accumulating caffeine for years, as it were, so I now have an allergic reaction. The challenge is to find something tasty to drink without caffeine. I am now having coffee. Really a challenge not to drink coffee if you are used to it. 


The only tip I can find on the internet is - stop with caffeine coffee for the time being, when the body has recovered you can just drink coffee again, but to a lesser extent. Or of course opt for caffeine-free coffee or tea.   


If you know anything let me know or give me tips !. 


Subconsciously you have developed a "kind of addiction, automatic behavior" just because it is. It doesn't necessarily have to be something bad. But this is a wonderful example of unhealthy behavior without you being aware of it. I judge myself with this; a little though. And on the other hand not, I am also just a person who can learn things.


One thing is clear, your body does not indicate it for nothing! "listen to your body, appreciate your body it is much more than just an envelope sol that houses your soul". It is the engine of your whole being.

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