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Published on 27 November 2020 at 07:00

I am busy preparing the new sleeping beauty challenge. It's so much fun to do, and it's already taking shape. Fortunately, the registrations are going well, so make sure you are there!


I had designed my logo, published it, but somehow I was not satisfied with it. It was a thorn in the side, and it does not fit the design of the upcoming (challenge) messages at all.

In the meantime I have also started recording the additional videos that you can use as an extra addition to the email you receive. It is really a lot of work and also a lot of fun to do. Of course it is not my first Challenge, I have done quite a lot in recent years. But every time it is different and I keep learning a bit.


The only problem I find is that I have to hand in the planning for my regular things here and there, I usually always send three newsletters. I hope to get to two these weeks. I will of course maintain a post on social media every day; but it is just a little less than usual. It's a challenge and I enjoy it, organizing, arranging, meeting new people for a radio interview - writing an article for a magazine.


And then also my (dreams and visions) company birthday! But I'm going to tell you more about that soon! December 8 will be a blast.


The website, blog, book and company was founded on December 8, 2012, it is both mine challenge over the years as my great love.



During corona it has not always become easier, but it creates new challenges that I am happy to take on. It does not mean that it is easy "in fact", it is very difficult, I still can barely make ends meet financially. I just love my job, I love helping people with their sleep and dream problems, insights and soul growth! 

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