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Come and go

Published on 9 January 2021 at 10:39

I saw them coming, I saw them go. I saw them change the company name or strategy several times in a short period of time. I saw a lot of colleagues make high jumps and also fall very hard. For 8 years I fight my way through it; sometimes with success. Sometimes, like now, no more money to buy food or pay my bills. Living from I will eventually find a way. That is the reality that belongs to entrepreneurship. Sometimes I have 2 jobs and often no money in the bank at the moment.


I cry about it, I am sad ....... I will not give up; kick myself (eventually) in the butt. Because there is not a hair on my head that thinks to give up. This is my passion for life and in 2020/2021 it is a tough path - a peanut butter sandwich "maybe not the most healthy situation", but it keeps me going. 



Don't compare yourself with others, it is so automatic!


The apology that I am single, so that I am the only one who has to earn the money against the married (cohabiting) entrepreneur has crossed my mind a little too often. They have much easier with a partner right ?.

How about the apology that if you have enough money that you can hire people so you only have to work 20 hours.

Visualizing is what I do to myself; but if I don't take action or keep going on the same road - it remains a castle in the air.

How is it possible that other entrepreneurs are so happy the peppy; that I experience the euphoric feeling something different thought!




How I'm gonna get out of here, I don't know!



I learned one thing over the years, continuing where others stop makes all the difference. Living from your passion is not a straight line, it is anything but that! It is crooked, upside down, challenging and full of deep valleys, high mountains and stop signs. You are the only one who knows the way. You are the way and only you can walk it. Even if you've lost everyone close to you - it doesn't take away from their love for you! Every day is new. You just start over. You may have boarded the wrong train but you are on the right track, all you have to do is wait for the train to change.   


If your world is collapsing and the first thing you can think of when you wake up is ..................... All you have to do!

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