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Published on 1 January 2021 at 13:39

Today is only January 1, but I just feel like cleaning up everything - as it were de-Christmas - the tree, the lights and everything that has to do with Christmas. It goes back to the attic today. Normally I always wait until after New Years Day but somehow it itching to have everything back to normal.

Maybe it's because of the corona, or it's because of the balance between wool socks and being a balanced human. Of course, it can also be that I am a reasonably tidy person. A fun fact that I want to share with you is that I typed in deChristmas on google - to my surprise there are blogs and tips written on how to tidy up Christmas. Really, there are also YouTube videos with real examples!



Do you also dechristmas or do you wait a little longer? ..


I also have to admit I never actually put my Christmas tree before December; while there are enough people in my area who bring the fun into the house weeks in advance. I read the Christmas tree rules a while ago and they said that you cannot leave the tree longer than the three kings. That is the second Sunday in January - because it would bring bad luck. Now I am totally not of these kinds of rules and doom predictions, but I can imagine that you want to leave the tree longer because it is nice with all those lights.


Now the most difficult thing is "what I hate most", how do you get the tree out of your house without the whole living room and kitchen being covered in needles? ...


This is a challenge year after year, of course you can also leave the tree so long that there are no needles left on it. Option 3 is of course the artificial Christmas tree or cut all branches off with scissors ... But I think I just open the kitchen door and drag the tree out - vacuum clean and you're done Mar  

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