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Just the way you are

Published on 29 December 2020 at 18:41

Today I am taking time to do nothing, to be quiet and put on my wool socks. Enjoy relaxing daydreams, losing myself in signals and just having a moment of Just the Way You Are. I usually pick a good book, a cup of tea. Relaxed quiet music - candle lit and purifying incense. The daydreams pour in and almost automatically become visualisations and manifestations.


Taking time to be still - is the challenge - just not a thought, just pausing your thought for a moment really gives me the space I need. If things don't flow that way in my life, I'll take care of a day of wool socks.  You know what I really like, a nice blanket over me, lazy on the couch, slumped.


Do you ever do it? .... just a bit of spiritual bubbling? ..

I have to admit that sometimes it is nice to just shut out the outside world. I am an introvert, so I enjoy withdrawing. But it is the combination with taking some time to just float spiritually, sometimes really does me good.

To walk balanced barefoot again tomorrow. This way I really ensure that I am in balance. Although I am not sure yet whether I have found the balance. My search just continues. Maybe it is something you cannot easily find. What is balanced for me is probably unbalanced for another.


What brings you the sense of balance between spiritual being a human? ....

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