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Single Valentine

Published on 8 February 2021 at 07:00

Single Valentijn is not that bad at all. Embrace self-love and enjoy this day. I buy roses for myself, I buy something tasty made of “chocolate” and enjoy an it's me time moment. Although I have to admit that it hasn't always been like that. They are the good life lessons from the past; who ensured that I got the insights to be happy with Valentine.  


I enjoy this day, see the beautiful love around me and embrace my single life!


I enjoy the single life every day, but especially during Valentine's Day I give time and attention to myself. I like to be alone, I don't always feel the need to share my life with someone. Independence is high on my wish list, but that doesn't mean I don't need love. Nowadays I give it to myself and enjoy it to the fullest. It's not that I'm not open to a relationship, of course I am ... I don't wait for it, I don't look for it; it comes naturally to me.


It was not always the case - before I really learned to enjoy being alone, there were also soul lessons for me that I could learn and I want to share this with you.


You grow over it, you learn to love yourself and enjoy the single life. Although I have to admit that this change only came after my 35th year of life. You can't justify it. But you can imagine that if everyone has a great career, a beautiful house, car, children and you feel like nothing. That you make choices that may not always be smart; but you also learn from this.


It feels like failure, so you present a better story when someone asks you how you are doing. You lie for your own good, to make yourself feel better. A better feeling, which is only short-lived; the truth is around the corner. It is something that only you yourself experience as bad, of which you yourself experience the failure and the emotions.


Why it brings out something bad in you is to not have to feel the emotions.


Perhaps it is the social expectations that make it so difficult and emotional for you. Another date that comes to nothing. Or just no dates at all. Are you not on Tinder then? ....... Shame because you can't find the right person. Where is it, the fear of being left alone? The desire to have children that keeps getting smaller and smaller - the biological clock is ticking and knows very well that the limit is approaching.




Now on my 38th I don't wait for it. I'm not looking for it; it comes naturally to me. When people ask for it, I give a powerful, happy single and very honest answer. I enjoy Valentine, being alone and laugh very loudly at the jokes that are only prescribed to single people.


My prince in shining armor has lost his way.

My soul mate is a pit creator at sea!

My in-laws could not have children.

I'm waiting for my Toyboy to grow up !.

Een liefdevolle droom groet

Marjan Klop


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