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The most beautiful flowers 🌷

Published on 7 July 2020 at 17:34

You probably recognize it. A day when you feel you have done nothing.


I had such a day today!

A day when you are not at all productive (In my case it is a writer's blockade) this is how this blog started. I really have no idea; how or what. Let alone where to start !. I have already viewed and (condemned) all social media 10 times. I have not yet talked about some Youtube videos that I have watched from a not too high level.


It's just not there today, but I still want to write something ....

Eventually, one thing leads to another, and you discover that the most beautiful flowers grow by the side of the road.

All you can do in my opinion is (* symbolically and / or visually) put your, bike, car by the side of the road. Enjoy the moment when you are stuck and just block for a while. * picking wild is not always allowed! it can of course also be dangerous for your fellow road users *

Usually if I do something completely different then it will be fine again !. Like I like the flowers along the way. just don't focus for once and look left and right to discover the beauty of life.

Sometimes the solutions, the opportunities, the energy just grow on the other side of the life path. It may not be what you are looking for, but at least it is an opening to catch your breath again; discover something else that you hadn't noticed before. The flowers you pick now can easily be placed on the (symbolic) vase at another time in your life.


Look around and see the beauty of nature - left and right - look over your shoulders and see the wonders that are present !.

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