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More consciously enjoying life 🍷

Published on 9 July 2020 at 07:00

Living more consciously is what I stand for and what makes me feel the best. Only I don't live up to the perfect picture. In fact, I often get dished up with some regularity. Then I assume you are also vegan? ...

Somehow people often have the notion of a more conscious (comfort socks) life that you are vegan.  


Ehhhh I have to admit you! So I don't do that; just gone because my body feels best when I eat regular meat / fish from time to time. Yes I can skip meat / fish very well. I also really enjoy a vegan meal, but I also really like a piece of chicken between my Pasta Pesto


For me this feels like balance. But to answer the question. "No I am not a vegetarian".

That is not to say that you should not become and / or be a vegetarian. This is a very personal choice; where you can listen to yourself, your body and / or your intuition.

The other cliché is therefore you do not drink alcohol! .... Sorry, but I do like a glass of wine or something else strong. I actually like socializing every weekend.


But that doesn't make me less aware or mindful. It doesn't matter what you want to call it. Among other things, I eat as few sugars as possible, use as little plastic as possible and try to separate waste as much as possible. Everything you can do on the bike or with the stroller has its priority and the car often stops and so on.


Now you may think you don't do much! .... That is allowed! ......

But that is not my goal, My idea behind this blog post is that you are not obliged to do what fits the picture. Looking out of the box so that you find out what suits your body and life ideas is the underlying message of this blog post.

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