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Published on 6 August 2020 at 15:00

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog. The reason ......... I kept it to myself for a while, but I would still like to share it with you. Since the Convid 19 my dreams training (entrepreneurship) are a financial challenger. Lately I had to do everything I could to make a little bit of money that I could barly buy food from. It is not going well, to say the least.       

It is a life moment when you can (learn again) whether you like it or not. It's the moment when the "Now" life is so important, accepting that it is moment. 

Let go, don't look to the past. Do not look to the future and/or desire. But just live in the now.       

Admit you're stuck and drowning !. Stop swimming against the current stream and sink to the bottom. It is the only thing you can do, not because you give up, but because you discover a completely new vision, opportunities, possibilities and new plans. 

Being quiet and listening, feeling the emotions and having confidence has never been my strongest quality.  But in the end it brought me this moment of a great opportunity that I had not expected at all. 


I am happy to live in this country. That I'm being taken care of. The welfare agency believes in my new plans and ideas. They will fully support me in this.  


Years of experience, expert or not, a website, blog a well-built name. It does not matter, it is and remains an entrepreneurial challenge Especially during the convid-19 there are many people who are in financial difficulties. 

Unexpected, hoped for, but not visualized ..... It's just one phone call that can change your life. Which made it clear that my business plans are worth supporting !.  


No worries about getting bread on the table, no worries about paying the bills. "Thank you the Netherlands". Under the watchful eye of your financial support. 

I can now revive my dream without worry. I get the best birthday present I could wish for in 2020 and also a tropical temperature on August 11, what more could you want!  

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