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Published on 21 August 2020 at 07:00

I'm sitting in front of my laptop with a cup of coffee in my hand, thinking about what I'm going to write. While I try to focus on something new, a vibrating and humming sound starts to pass through my living room ...... Which bothers me so much that I completely lose my focus ... My house is like this good if against the main road - except for the sidewalk - so I'm used to some traffic problems ....


I turn up the radio but I can't help it; the leaf blower overcomes it again and again !.


I can't stand a council employee there who is at ease blowing away the leaves one by one. While he makes an excessive disturbing noise ..... Jammer number 1 noise from outside. And you know what's bad, it takes way too long.


Do you also suffer from jammers or can you keep focusing well? 


It takes the municipal employee an hour to finish. At least by day I thought, but at 3:30 it was coffee break. After 20 minutes of rest he started blowing the leaves again. The funny thing is that there are no leaves on the sidewalk at all in the summer. Don't ask me what he did blow away, because I don't explain that logic. They do a good job don't get me wrong, I just suffer from jammers !.

I must admit, I am easily distracted "look it's a bird", I already did this at school, outside was much more fun than paying attention to what the teacher told.      

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