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Marjan is unsure!

Published on 2 September 2020 at 07:00

Yep you read that right, I am insecure! After all these years, still unsure about my work, answers, live streams and so on. And I'm not ashamed of it; I am just as insecure as any other person.

But you know what I'm most insecure about! It's not even my stumbling dream knowledge, or my trainers answer. It is not my weight, glasses or my hair .... But my teeth I literally have a tooth trauma I think they are so ugly ... I really smile like a farmer with a toothpain, but you can still have something done about it you would say. 


That's true, but I don't have A money for that and I just don't really dare!



It only took one mistake dental surgeon visit to stop me from being a fan. I also do nothing special about my teeth except for the six-monthly check-up and the necessary! 

The dental surgeon thought I was exaggerating when pulling my wisdom tooth, it couldn't hurt, right? The standard injection anesthetic did not work. Only after she pulled me out of the chair 5 times and pricked twice did she admit that the anesthetic really didn't work. As an additional note, the wisdom tooth is deeper than I thought, I misjudged it a bit. 

She tugged one more time, with a happy face she held the wisdom tooth in her hand as if it were a victory. Not knowing that she had broken off the tooth! ... Only when I came to the dentist for a check-up did he see on the photo that there was still a root in my jaw ...... With all the consequences that entailed. And yes the root of the wisdom tooth is still in it 5 years later, I really won't let it be pulled out anymore!


So my insecurity is also linked to my deepest fear. I wanted to have facing placed a year ago. But the first thing the dentist said was, then we put on crowns and it looks like this!

What crowns, no, never mind !.

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