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Love message

Published on 8 September 2020 at 06:30

I was writing a new blog about love, and all of a sudden something came to mind that I have been bumping into for a long time. Not for myself but for everyone involved. Twin souls, soul flames, true love and so on are unfortunately still (too) often described as man and woman! It is not gender neutral at all. As if it cannot be, if two women, two men cannot have the experiences of twin souls, soul flames, true love.  


Hence this blog because I would like to remove any confusion! 


The masculine energy and the feminine energy. This does not refer to your outward appearance! So you can be a man and have a man as your partner; and yet both have different energies. 

By that I mean that you can be a woman and convey a masculine energy. You can also be a man who carries out the feminine energy in this world. Both are equal to each other as Ying and Yang. In fact, you may not even know whether you are transmitting a masculine or feminine energy to the outside world. 


This is my opinion, and I want to and will continue to share it as always! If you don't agree then this blog post is not for you, don't let that which doesn't sync with you pass you by!

Soul Love and Twin Souls, Buddies, Flames has nothing to do with your outer appearance!


When I write about feminine energy I am not necessarily talking about a female body with a feminine soul. (A one-sided female or male soul does not exist, they are both energy forms in a human body). This can also be an asexual, trans, straight, fairy, incarnation a tree. A unicorn, gay, bisexual, teddy bear, or a crystal, I don't care what it is and / or what you call it !.


Ying and Yang has nothing to do with your outward appearance!


Masculine and feminine energy is present in every person in a balanced way regardless of your external appearance. The blog about love dreams will be published tomorrow  

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