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Marjan droomt lucide

Published on 23 September 2020 at 07:00

I am very busy with lucid dreaming, not only as a mini training via facebook; but also as a completely new online training. I enjoy every moment of sharing my knowledge.

I myself have been dreaming lucidly for years, consciously and detached from my body - you are, as it were, flying above yourself. I learned to anchor myself through lucid experience, so that I maintain contact with my (the now) body. The first time it's so cool, scary, unlikely, amazing and yet so emotional. It's double and you want more, more, and again.


You keep going and your dreams turn into true fantasy worlds - exciting. The danger is only in what is reality and what is the dream world. Take this into account, live today, live in the now, stay in the now and don't go too much into the past, the future and so on.


Do you also dream lucid? ....



Of course there is also something negative about all the conscious (lucid) dreams, the emotions, feelings, the fears and the deep peeling off not only brings pleasant moments but also less pleasant confrontations. The same applies to visions, past lives, you may be trying to influence this unconsciously. (luckily) not this, but you might try.

The question is of course what can I do with it, and very often it is nothing. You can't tell the person involved, you can't do anything with it yourself. It is of no use to you, and you know something that may take place in the future. But what if fate changed, then you were wrong? .......

You cannot adjust your past life, you do not want to adjust, change and it does not relate to now .... With lucid, always keep the conscious mode (Live in the Now) dreaming and sleeping has only one real function and that is process what you have experienced in your waking existence. Of course lucid dreaming is the gate to your soul, all dimensions, crystal lines, planets and so on, everything you have been and what you will become. It is the connection between all souls, all beings. You feel the energy flowing and it pulls you, it brings you where your soul should be.


Good lucid dreaming comes with a few basic rules!


Learn lucid dreaming from an experienced expert. Learn to anchor yourself before you just buy, even practice, a self-help book. It brings you much more than just floating and experiencing the freedom. I learned it the hard and careless way. But that is really unnecessary and very stupid to do. Lucid dreaming training (online)  

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