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Major renovation

Published on 30 September 2020 at 07:00

The day before yesterday I gave a mini training lucid dreaming. I enjoyed it, like all my live streams on facebook. But I realized one very important thing during the live.

As an experienced dreamer I simply have a lot of experience and expertise. My mediation, mindfulness level is high, I am not always aware of this either. Not everyone has my level - you also have to start - just like I did years ago.

The journey that I make (have made) in the past and in the now brings that I have experience. As a result, I leave this basis unused, I go too fast or maybe you can call it too deep for people who are still at the basis.


Let me know what your experience is !.


Which brought me to a conclusion, Paying attention to the basics and the advanced dreams is not possible from the way I work now. So the idea is to divide my website, livestreams and social media into basic and advanced. That means that all my blog posts have to be moved and the entire website has to undergo a complete transformation for it.


If you have any tips, advice etc. please let me know. I will keep you informed of the changes. 

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