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The scales

Published on 3 October 2020 at 07:00

In recent months I have been putting more and more spiritual issues in the balance. I am growing enormously as a person, consciously and then you can mainly think of weighing. Reassess and weigh old spiritual teachings. Cross out and give a new vision, no longer believe in entrenched beliefs. 

Spiritual streak, beliefs, to many people also sounded logical to me. Revision is my motto, as if I have taken a completely new path while the old is flowing away. I now consider the gurus that I followed, but that is not to say that it is not good. But somehow it just doesn't fit my scale anymore.    


I enjoy being myself!


New knowledge is coming to me, from an unexpected source ... At the moment it might suit me better! After years of looking for future insights, life questions and soul qwestions, I will live more consciously as a person. I see it as kind of living in the Now. I don't think I've ever been more grounded than I am right now. Yet I am still connected to the higher spiritual, but more balanced.

I break with people, I break old patterns and let the new in - so that my heart is completely open. The scale not only provides for consideration, but it also gives room for a breather (heart-centered) life and new energy that will bring you the unknown. You are better in your body, your soul radiates from within again because there is room for growth and development.



Do you also revise from time to time? ...


It gives a great feeling to clean up old things. It also makes your bookcase a lot more emptier - I've given away a stack of books so that it can be given a new lease of life with someone who can learn a lot from it.

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