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I am an Introvert

Published on 7 October 2020 at 07:00

I am an introvert, give me an autumn break in a cabin in the woods. That's why I don't have many followers on social media, just because I'm not screaming for attention. I focus on growth and development instead of attention. Now it is not the case that I do not want attention and / or that I do not dare to show myself. (of course I do, I really like making live streams and making videos)  

But hey, I just like to be on my own.


The pearls of the world are the ones that receive the least recognition until someone discovers the pearl! In addition, Covid 19 has made a deep pit in everyday life. Likewise in mine, although I have to admit that being an introvert means I don't have any problem with being alone. I really enjoy being alone. I enjoy myself very well with a book, movie and things I like to do. I don't need people around myself for that - in fact, I really like to withdraw.


Are you an introvert and / or introverted entrepreneur just like me? .....


Did you know that the most introverted people are also sensitive or sensitive to stimuli, but also have a special strength that extroverts do not have. You get energy from yourself, self-knowledge, less impressionability and perseverance.  

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