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Dreaming has changed my life

Published on 10 October 2020 at 07:00

Conscious dreaming has really changed my life, it has given me a completely different turn. Personal growth and insights, soul doors that suddenly open. Past lives and experiences became clear and insightful. It has brought me so much while you sleep. I also experienced that I also made great leaps forward in my earthly human life. As if you have also started to live more consciously through dreams.

Being completely in balance, who wouldn't want that!


Amplify your dreams with mediation, relaxation, daydreaming. Put your thought on hold and you will experience 100% growth that you could never have dreamed of. The great thing is that it builds up calmly, that the conscious life, dreams do not go very quickly, but that it is enormously successful step by step.



I have to admit that it started years ago for me, of course. And then you have to think about well before the start of my website in 2012, my first dreams were noted by my mother when she was 8 years old. After that I wrote down my first conscious dreams myself and learned from them. The real realization came when I started comparing the logical standard explanation with my intuitive feeling.


Conscious dreaming is the start to unexpected growth!

Conscious dreaming connects your soul and your earthly life!


My first realization of the fact that in dreams / visions beautiful hidden knowledge from your soul only really passed through after 2012. I also take the time every day to be still, to connect myself with my soul, my source, intuition. When I get up I start with a short dream meditation - Dreamwalker


I can name many positive points that changed my life after consciously dreaming, meditating, visualizing, daydreaming. But there is really only one important answer "start becoming aware of your dreams today". You can start with a dream diary and you will really experience the changes.


Because I dream consciously, I grow every day, and it is a process that never stops. I'm never done with it, it keeps growing and developing.


Do you want to change your life 100% just like me, view my website and discover what I can teach you!

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