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Is dreamwork spiritual?

Published on 11 November 2020 at 07:00

I often hear the question - is dream work, sleep and visions spiritual? Because my Psychologist / doctor / specialist gives a different story or has nothing to do with it! I want to tell you something through these questions. Maybe it doesn't make sense, but I still want to share it with you via this blog post.


Dreaming, visions, sleeping problems is not something that originally belonged to the Western spiritual. In fact it belongs to the world of "Psychology / Science". They kind of discovered and developed it. This world of experience has been part of his portfolio to this day. It really belongs to the Psychological Expert these people are working on many studies and new knowledge.



Western spiritual interpretations were thus only much later attributed to mediums, coaches, dream workers and so on. You can think of the past 20 years! So it has not been used for very long by spiritual people. It is something we want and / or have taught ourselves. 


Unfortunately I know one thing through experience, there are experts who generally do not (yet) like spiritual interpretations. (With some exceptions) But little by little, they let it occasionally resonate as inspiration in their studies. You get more and more beautiful collaborations that bring even more insights and growth moments.



If you look at the question from other cultures point of view. Then, spiritually, is the first thing they associate with when the think of dream and sleep connections. 

“It were the Egyptians, The Mayas, Atlanteans, Lumurians, etc. who used the first dream and sleep symbolism. This is not to say that I don't like Psychology. Correct, I use both forms. 


Wil je er meer over weten schroom niet en vraag het!.  

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